Negative Reviews: 4 Best Tips To Handle It

Handling Customer Reviews

Handling negative reviews online is as important as your sales strategy.

Online customer reviews have created a new field in online marketing and communication that bridges the gap between traditional word-of-mouth (WOM) and a viral form of feedback that can influence consumer’s purchase decision.

Google had confirmed that negative or positive online customer reviews impacts your business organic visibility in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Google: Positive reviews and customer-business interactions improve organic visibility.

Responding to positive customer review isn’t that hard, it’s the negative reviews that is usually the most difficult to handle, and with good reason. As such, here are quick 4 tips on handling customer reviews:

Be quick to answer

Customers usually leave negative reviews right after having unpleasant experience with your business. Watch communication channels for any existing negative reviews or new ones.

Be Thoughtful

Appreciate your customers efforts and time took to reachout to communicate, that is important as responsing quickly.

Offer personalized responses

We all want to be heard and understood, so is your customers.

Going off-script can make a huge difference in relating to an angery customer, it’s one of the easiest ways to illustrate that to people is to give them the attention they deserve.

Walk the extra mile

Do what’s necessary, go above and beyond, it’ll almost always help.

Taking that extra step could vary depening on the issue. Those who come across a review – and its response(s) – could quickly shift from once-uncertain or even unhappy customers into brand advocates

Awad Abdelgayoum
Solving digital marketing challenges by using technology and science.