Chatbot Example: Here is a List of Best 3 Social Bots

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Chatbots or social bots are algorithms, pieces of software that use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate certain tasks and carry conversations with humans, with the purpose of assisting them. Learn more about Chatbot or Social Bot.

Stats has it

All signs point to chatbots to win marketing and customer service. Stats says that consumers like to use chatbots.


Consumers think chatbots benefits customer service.


Consumers like the instant service of chatbots.


Consumers would buy something using a chatbot.

Chatbot example
  1. Swelly
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    Swelly is probably the most famous Facebook Messenger chatbot. It allows users to pick and choose one of two options, and vote together with the general public. Users can also create their ‘Swell’ and see what the people around the world will vote.
  2. eBay
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    The eBay chatbot is the most advanced e-commerce chatbot out there. And is also the most used! It is built for the Google Assistant, which means that you can use it with your Google Home or on your phone. You can ask him to buy anything in the world, at a very low price. It’s impressive, especially if you consider the scale of Ebay.
  3. Lyft
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    Lyft is the biggest Uber competitor. You can request Lyft on Slack, Messenger, and Alexa. This chatbot shows how an existing service can leverage the chatbot experience as a channel. How much time do you want to invest in order to book your next ride? This chatbot reduces it to almost zero.
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