Five Ways To Use LinkedIn Stories To Build Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn Stories for Personal Branding

As LinkedIn Stories are rolling out soon, I thought to share five ways to build your personal brand using LinkedIn Stories.

Stories first appeared on Snapchat, with other platforms like Instagram and Facebook adopting them soon after. Conversations are at the heart of so much that happens on social media platforms inclusing LinkedIn.

Highlight Personal Achievement

With LinkedIn Stories, you can use video to tell the background story of that achievement and where to find more information about it, whether online or offline. Within the content, you can shout out to anyone who helped you out along the way and recognize the team behind your achievements.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

The Ask Me Anything (AMA) format, originally popularized via Reddit, allows the community to provide questions for the host to answer. With a professional network tuning in, AMAs would highly benefit your personal brand by showing intimacy and candor.

Behind the Scenes

The beauty of Stories is that they break down the barriers of curated content that are often seen on newsfeeds, especially as people strive to put their best foot forward on LinkedIn. By using LinkedIn Stories to show the behind-the-scenes aspects of your work, it allows viewers to understand the ins and outs of your career.

Educate your market

Whether you’re promoting your services or a product, LinkedIn Stories allow you to showcase your offerings. You can talk about your product through video by posting tutorials and overview videos, or turning the camera on yourself or the lead product manager to share your product’s key differentiators.

Awad Abdelgayoum
Solving digital marketing challenges by using technology and science.