Google Gallery Ads – Another New Ad Format

Google Search Gallery Ads
Google Search Gallery Ads

Google Gallery Ads, you can think of them as Google’s version of Facebook’s Carousel Ads. Basically, Google’s new Ad format consists of a series of images that searchers can swipe through. Digital marketers or advertisers will be able to upload a minimum of 4 images and a maximum of 8 images to showcase their products or services. Google has yet to announce any specifications on image sizes and quality.

The Look and Feel

The new Ads format won’t consist of just images, however. They will also feature up

Google Search Gallery Ads
Google Search Gallery Ads

to three headlines, same as in expanded text ads, and will utilize taglines that are

unique to each image.

These tag lines will not appear as image overlays as we see in some GDN display ads, instead, they will appear similar to that of the Facebook Carousel Ads. The Google Gallery Ads headlines will always show above the gallery images and taglines will always show below, switching as users swipe through the images.

Google Gallery Ads Billing

Unlike most ad formats that are paid by the click, Digital marketers will pay in one of two ways for Google Gallery Ads:

  1. Pay by Click (CPC)
    By the click is exactly what it sounds like, cost per click, just like any other ad.
  2. Pay by swipe (CPS)
    If a searcher doesn’t click on the ad but swipes through 3 images, the advertiser will be charged
The New Ad Format Placement

Google Gallery Ads, are only available for mobile-only ads. Google is only rolling out these new ads to mobile devices, but they might rollout desktop placement sometime in the future.

Conversions and Interactions

Google recognized that while these gallery ads are expected to have a higher interaction rate, but their direct conversion rates may not be all that different from text ads.

With that said, Google argued that Gallery Ads will garner assisted conversions later in the sales funnel, as users tend to remember images over text and are likely to return to a product after viewing images Gallery Ads.

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