SKAG: What is single keyword ad groups

single keyword ad group

SKAGs Stands for Single Keyword Ad Groups, It is an effective approach to deliver highly targeted AdWord Ad copy to a group of people in a particular region with a specific interest.

SKAG It’s an ad group that targets variations of a single keyword rather than following the AdWords setup guide and having 20 keywords in your ad group.

SKAG Adwords Example
SKAG Adwords Example - Neil Patel

This means that it is going to target a single keyword in one ad group, by using different keyword match types. Typically, match types allow you to trigger your ad when a user search query matches your keyword type.

Why should you consider SKAGs

It offers a great opportunity of matching user’s message, ad relevance, and highly targeted ad. It can also lead to a higher quality score, and the higher quality score, the less cost per conversion.

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