This Is How Consumers Impact Your Marketing Strategy

consumers impact strategy ppcgraph
Why should managers, advertisers and other marketing professionals bother to learn about consumer behavior?

Successful companies understand that needs are a moving target. Everyone needs to keep innovating to stay ahead of changing consumer behavior. For example, BMW anticipated changes in consumer behavior as it develops electronic car models like the i8 that satisfy dual desires for style and environmental responsibilities.

Consumers are different, How we divide them?

Our society is evolving from a mass culture in which many consumers share the same preferences to a diverse one in which we each have an infinite number of choices. Just think about how many lipstick shades or necktie patterns compete for your attention?

This change makes more important than ever to identify these market segments and to develop specialized messages and products for those groups.

Marketing Pitfall

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast of the United States in 2012, some marketers rose to the occasion, whereas others stumbled in the wind. Gap, for example, tweeted, “We’ll be doing lots of shopping today. How about you?” American Apparel offered an incentive to shoppers: “In case you’re bored during the storm, just Enter SANDYSALE at Checkout.” Many of the storm victims were not amused. One tweeted, “Hey, @americanapparel  people have died and others are in need. Shut up about your #SandySale.”

In contrast Allstate ran radio commercial to let policyholders know how to file claims quickly. JetBlue Airways waived change and cancellation fees for people had to rebook. How’s this for relationship builder and brand bonding?

Duracell batteries sent sent a truck to New York City that offered free batteries and access to charging lockers for mobile devices and computers to desperate people who had been without power.