What Are Brand Lift Studies In Facebook

Facebook Survey
Facebook Survey

Brand Lift Studies by Facebook allows advertisers and business owners to understand how well their brand resonates with the intended audience by running a branding campaign, the objective is to measure brand lift on Facebook idependently of other platforms.

These studies can be conducted by using Facebook surveys to instantly collect social feedbacks.

How does brand lift studies work

To understand the positive effect Facebook advertising has on your brand is to run a lift study. Facebook will run the experiment on two groups of people, those who saw your Facebook native advertising and those who did not saw your Facebook advertising.

Brand Lift study works by:

  1. Selecting business objective and the campaign you want to run an experiment against.
  2. Split your campaign audience into two groups, test group, and control group, the audience should remain within their designated groups for the entirety of the experiment.
  3. Audience in Test group will be able to see your advertisements, while the Control group are not going to see your advertisements.
  4. Measure the actions people take on the two groups such as making a conversion or participating in surveys.
  5. Lastly, you will compare performance metrics against the two groups to calculate the percentage of your brand lift on Facebook.

Brand lift campaign eligibility

Not all campaigns are eligible to run a brand lift study. There are minimum market-specific requirements that have to be met to qualify.

For brand lift study pre-qualification and creation, please consider reaching out to your Facebook Account Representative

Benefits of brand lift study

A Facebook brand lift study helps you understand how your ads are impacting the people that are most important to your business, we mention some of them:

  • How well your audience remembers your brand?
  • How do they feel about your brand?
  • Do they want to buy from you?
Example survey questions

The poll can ask questions on various topics such as brand awareness, campaign awareness, and ad recall, depending on the metrics that align with your marketing

Facebook Survey
Facebook Survey

needs. Your Facebook Account Representative can also create poll questions based on your marketing objectives and product. Reach out to your representative to learn about more options for poll questions.

Understanding your brand lift study results, you can make smarter marketing decisions. Running a series of brand lift studies over time can help you understand how well your current campaigns perform against previous campaigns.

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